Spanish Medical Vocabulary and Phrases

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Spanish Medical Vocabulary and Phrases

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English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms – California …

publication of: California-Mexico Health Initiative,. CPRC, University of California

Glossary of Legal Terminology – English to Spanish

Glossary of Legal Terminology -. English to Spanish. Edited and Expanded by
John Lombardi. A. Abrogate Revocar, anular, abrogar. Abduction Rapto.
Accessory After the Fact Cómplice (encubridor). Accomplice Cómplice. Account
for (your actions) Dar razón (de su comportamiento); dar cuenta (de sí). Accused

Dictionary of Occupational Safety and Health Terms English – Spanish

OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND … In preparing this dictionary, every effort has
was made to provide the most current, correct, and clearly expressed information.

Using Spanish Vocabulary

a La medicina / medicine b La enfermedad / illness c Los accidentes / accidents
d El tabaquismo / tobacco addiction e Las drogas / drugs f La muerte / death.
Unidad 5 / Unit 5 La Familia y la casa / Family and Home. 137 a Los miembros
de la familia / family members b Los grados de parentesco / family relationships.

Glossary of Legal Terms (English–Spanish) – Washington Courts

Glossary of Legal Terms. (English–Spanish). Developed by: Joseph Tein –
Washington State Certified Court Interpreter. Reviewed by: Claudia A'Zar –
Washington State Certified Court Interpreter. Kenneth Barger – Washington State
Certified Court Interpreter …

Publication 850 –

Apr 20, 2011 and compromise are involved in selecting words and phrases to describe certain
tax concepts that have no precise equivalent in the Spanish language or legal
tradi-. Used in Publications tion. Issued by the Internal. To help resolve these
problems, a group of United. States, Spanish, and Spanish-American …

Child Welfare Terms: English to Spanish – Child Welfare Information …

In the interest of better serving the needs of Spanish-speaking families and
professionals who work with them, Child Welfare Information Gateway developed
this glossary to ensure consistency and cultural relevance in our publications. By
making this document available to others, we hope to support other organizations

(NHANES) Interpretation Guidelines – Centers for Disease Control …

Of these, approximately 96 percent spoke Spanish and the remaining 4 percent
spoke an array of other non-English … Interpreters must have the capacity to work
“on the spot” and convey spoken words from one …. correct term for a word used
by either the SP or the examiner, the interpreter should offer a translation of.

Bilingual Glossary HIV Prevention 2009 – Office of Minority Health

HIV/AIDS Prevention. Bilingual Glossary. English ↔ Spanish. First Edition 2009.
Glosario bilingüe de prevención del VIH/SIDA. Español ↔ Inglés. Primera
edición ….. word or a phrase. The fields “English Term” or. “Spanish Term
suggest the preferred term, and. “Synonyms” includes other possible terms. Each
entry has an …

Improving Patient Safety Systems for Patients With Limited English …

hospitals can better identify, report, monitor, and prevent medical errors in
patients with LEP; the other ….. that may influence the interaction and may not
question the use of medical terminology that they and the …. pediatric patients
with LEP families who speak Spanish have a much greater risk for serious
medical events.

Short Assessment of Health Literacy for Spanish Adults (SAHLSA-50)

The Short Assessment of Health Literacy for Spanish Adults (SAHLSA-50) is a
validated health literacy assessment tool containing … The SAHLSA was based
on the Rapid Estimates of Adult Literacy in Medicine (REALM), … a medical term
printed in boldface on the top and the two association words—i.e., the key and

Instructions for Form N-648 – USCIS

read, write, and speak words in ordinary usage. They must also demonstrate a
knowledge and … requested on the form, a medical professional completing the
form may attach supporting medical diagnostic reports or … USCIS recommends
that the certifying medical professional use the electronic Form N-648 located in

Michigan Translator Resource List – State of Michigan

Mar 6, 2017 Spanish. Encouraging Words International. Grand Rapids. (616) 363-5993.
Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian),. Chinese, Czech, French,. German, Italian, Spanish,.
Ukrainian, Vietnamese. ENLACES. Kalamazoo. (269) 553-3304. (269) 599-2653.
Arabic, French, Italian,. Portuguese, Spanish. Erbach & Associates.

Quality and Patient Safety Division –

Examples of errors found translating medical phrases with Google Translate™:1.
• “Your wife is stable” was translated … of Spanish‐speakers and 72% of Asian‐
Pacific Island language speakers over 65 in the U.S. reporting … nonsensical
phrases or alter the meaning of a sentence through incorrect word choice or

Working with Hispanics – NRCS – USDA

The word Hispanic is a word used to describe people from or descending from …
Spanish. These errors, whether out of habit or ignorance, can be offensive to
Hispanics. Therefore it is important to learn where your employees are from and
as to how they ….. and information. • Can the local medical facilities

Your Guide to Medicare Medical Savings Account … –

Medicare rights and protections. This section gives you a quick look at Medicare
MSA Plans and how they work. Since each Medicare MSA Plan can vary, you
should contact the plans you're interested in to get specific information. See page
31 for information on how to find plans available in your area. 1. Words in blue.

Interpreter Services

Language Li ne has a special c adre of individ uals who are tr ained specifically
for medical interactions. … skilled in medical terminology and procedures, both in
English and in the requested language. In addition to our medical … Quotes
provided for each job, but pricing starts at .22 cents per word, for Spanish. •
Minimum …

Identifying Perspectives on Barriers and Needs of Spanish

Speakers in Idaho's Healthcare System”, provides insight from Spanish-speaking
patients who had utilized …. which Spanish-speaking individuals identify
language as a barrier to receiving health care services. … While these words of
wisdom ring true, patient centered care requires effective communication, having
an …