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Span Codes for Medicare

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SNF Billing Reference –

in a Medicare-certified area of the facility. Report: ○ Appropriate TOB (not 210).
○ Occurrence span code 70 with the dates of the qualifying hospital stay. ○
Occurrence code 22 with date covered SNF care ended. ○ Value code 09 with
$1.00. ○ Patient status code 30. Submit any Part B services provided after skilled
care …

Bulletin Number: xxxxxx –

Feb 16, 2013 The provider will use an occurrence span code 74 (Leave of Absence) on the
repetitive bill to encompass the: • Inpatient stay;. • Day of outpatient surgery; or. •
Outpatient hospital services subject to OPPS. This permits submission of a single
bill for the repetitive services for the month and simplifies FI review …

Medicare Claims Processing Manual –

Medicare, conversion may be needed from an alpha code to a numeric, but these
do not … Code Structure. 1st Digit-Type of Facility. 1. Hospital. 2. Skilled Nursing.
3. Home Health (Includes Home Health PPS claims, for which CMS determines
…. With the exception of home health PPS claims, the period may not span two.

CMS Manual System –

Dec 1, 2017 span code 77 does not apply when the face-to-face encounter has not occurred
timely. The hospice can re-admit the patient to the Medicare hospice benefit once
the required encounter occurs, provided the patient continues to meet all of the
eligibility requirements and the patient (or representative).

CMS Manual System –

Jan 5, 2009 If the patient, in this scenario, did not receive Medicare SNF covered care within
30 days of the readmission then the condition code 57 would not be appropriate.
Therefore, CMS is updating DPNA instructions to require SNF providers to
append occurrence span code 80. (definition below), for same-SNF …

CMS Manual System –

SUBJECT: Billing and Processing Claims with Unlimited Occurrence Span
Codes (OSCs). I. SUMMARY OF CHANGES: This CR provides claims processing
and billing instructions that allow claims to be billed as if no OSC limitation exists
on the claim. EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2002. IMPLEMENTATION DATE: July
6, …


Sep 22, 2014 on the Part A claim by including the Occurrence Span Code “M1” and the
inpatient admission Dates of Service. The hospital could then submit an inpatient
claim for payment under Part B on a Type of Bill (TOB) 12X for inpatient services
that would have been reasonable and necessary. For Part B inpatient …

Medicare Claims Processing Manual Crosswalk –

Feb 10, 2012 are shown numerically as MMDDYY. Codes used for Medicare claims are
available from Medicare contractors. Codes are also available from the NUBC ( via the NUBC's Official UB-04 Data. Specifications Manual.
Special Billing Procedures When more than Ten Occurrence Span Codes …

CMS Manual System –

A. Background: Change Request 3686, Transmittal 458 issued on January 28,
2005 entitled “Hospice. Physician Recertification Requirements” provided the
requirement for hospices to report the occurrence span code 77 for non-covered
days when the physician recertification is late. It has just recently come to our
attention …

Oregon Medicaid Institutional Billing Instructions –

Payer. 5. Procedure. 6. Occurrence/Span. 7. Value. 8. Third-Party Liability (TPL).
9. Medicare Information. 10. Detail Line Item. 11. Hard Copy Attachments. 12. …
Bill codes). From Date*. Date on which the statement period on the claim began.
Notes for nursing facilities: • Medicare Part A and Part B claims should include
the …

DDB Data Dictionary_October 2017 – Medicare Data –

System Requirements Specification. Hospital Compare Downloadable Database.
Data Dictionary. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services https://data.medicare.
gov/data/hospital-compare …

UB04 Hospital Billing Instructions – Maryland Medicaid –

Occurrence Span Codes and Dates. 36 … Revenue Codes. 42. FL 43. National
Drug Code (NDC) Reporting. 43. FL 44. HCPCS/RATES/HIPPS Rate Codes. 45.
HCPCS & HIV Testing Instructions. 45. FL 45 …. For any claim initially submitted
to Medicare and for which services have been approved or denied, requests for.

Nationwide Review of Medicare Payments for … – OIG .HHS .gov

May 4, 2010 The attached final report provides the results of our review of Medicare payments
for interrupted stays at …. fiscal intermediaries made $3.9 million in improper
Medicare payments to IPFs nationwide in …. should use Occurrence Span Code
74 in billing for interrupted stays involving two separate IPFs.

Chapter IV. Billing Iowa Medicaid – Iowa Department of Human …

Jan 1, 2016 established or reviewed. 24 Date insurance denied. 25 Date benefits terminated
by primary payer. 27 Date home health plan was established or last reviewed. A3
Medicare benefits exhausted. Other. 11 Date of onset. 35-. 36. Occurrence. Span
Codes and. Dates. OPTIONAL. No entry required. 37 Untitled.

UB-92 Desk Reference

UB-04 Desk Reference for Hospitals.
ThesevaluesarevalidforpaperclaimsubmissionontheUB-04ClaimFormonly. Type
of Bill Codes. (Form Locator 4) … Value Codes. (Form Locators 39–41). 06
Medicare Blood Deductible. 14 No Fault, Including Auto/Other. 15 Worker's
Compensation. 16 PHS or Other Federal Agency.

471-000-71 appendix – Nebraska Department of Health and Human …

Condition Codes. Not Used. 29. Accident State. Not Used. 30. Reserved for
National Assignment by the NUBC. Not Used. 31-34. Occurrence Codes and
Dates. Not Used. 35-36. Occurrence Span Code and Dates. Situational. •. Use
Occurrence Span Code 70 to report nursing facility Medicare Days and enter the
beginning …

CMS National Provider Call – Countdown to ICD 10 – Kentucky …

Aug 27, 2015 Date of Service is Key Driver. • No claim can contain both ICD-9 and ICD-10
codes. • CMS has provided guidance on how to handle claims that span the
October 1 transition date. • No dual code reporting – any claims for dates of
service after October 1, 2015 that contain ICD-9 codes will be rejected. 10 …

UB-04 Claim Form Instructions – Nevada Medicaid

May 30, 2017 Occurrence span codes and dates: If applicable, enter an occurrence span code
and corresponding dates. … On claims with Medicare TPL, enter up to 3 value
codes and amounts on the Medicare line. • Report deductible when Medicare is
primary: Enter code. A1 in the Code area on Line a, followed by the …