Social Security and Medicare Information

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Social Security and Medicare Information

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MedicareSocial Security

This booklet provides basic information about what. Medicare is, who's covered,
and some of the options you have for choosing Medicare coverage. For the latest
information about Medicare, visit the website or call the toll-free number listed
below. Medicare. Website: Toll-free number: 1-800-

Apply Online for Medicare — Even if You Are Not … – Social Security

Want Medicare benefits and don't have Medicare coverage;. • Don't want to apply
for monthly Social. Security retirement benefits now; and. • Reside in the United
States or one of its territories or commonwealths. NOTE: We automatically enroll
people who already get Social Security retirement or disability benefits in Parts.

How to Apply Online for Retirement, Spouses or … – Social Security

How to Apply Online for Retirement, Spouses or Medicare Benefits. How to Apply
Online for Retirement,. Spouses or Medicare Benefits. It's so easy! Just go to Apply Online for. Retirement/Spouses/
Medicare. Benefits. Select: • “Start a New Application;” or. • “Return to Saved
Application …

Medicare & You 2018 –

You asked, and we listened. You're getting a new Medicare card! Between April.
2018 and April 2019, we'll be removing Social Security Numbers from Medicare
cards and mailing each person a new card. This will help keep your information
more secure and help protect your identity. You'll get a new Medicare Number …

Welcome to Medicare 2017 –

The monthly premium will be deducted automatically from your Social Security
benefit payment when your coverage starts. If your Social Security benefits aren't
enough to cover the whole Part B premium, you'll get a bill for your Part B
premium every 3 months. The monthly Part B standard premium is $134.00 in

Medicare Basics –

Social Security Number. • Medicare number (You can find this on his or her red,
white, and blue. Medicare card.) • Medicare plan enrollment (See pages 13–14
for information on how to check his or her current coverage.) • Other insurance
plans and policy numbers, including long-term care insurance. • Contact
information …

Understanding Medicare Part C & Part D Enrollment … –

(RRB) disability benefits. Your Medicare coverage begins 24 months after you
get Social Security or RRB benefits. Your chance to sign up lasts through the
28th month after you get Social. Security or RRB benefits. You're already eligible
for Medicare because of a disability, and you turn 65. □ Sign up for a Medicare.

Social Security Presentation

Retirement Benefits? ➢You need to work to earn. Social Security “credits”. ➢Each
$1,220 in earnings gives you one credit. ➢ You can earn a maximum …. Medicare
Coverage. Part A – Hospital Insurance. ➢ Covers most inpatient hospital
expenses. ➢ 2016 Deductible $1,288. Part B – Medical Insurance. ➢ Covers 80%
doctor …

application for enrollment in medicare part b (medical … –

Contact Social Security if you want to apply for Medicare for the first time. WHEN
DO YOU … Your Social Security Claim Number. • Your current address and ….
Privacy Act Notice: The Social Security Administration (SSA) is authorized to
collect the information under sections 1836, 1840 and 1872 of the Social Security
Act, …

Social Security

6. Your Online Account … Your Control … my
Social Security is an easy-to-access, easy-to-use portal to view and update some
of your own Social Security information. my Social Security my …

Social Security Wage Base Set to Increase for 2017 – Department of …

Dec 8, 2016 Social Security coverage for their employees under the State of Wisconsin's
Section 218. Agreement, the Department of Employee Trust Funds provides the
following updated information, including Social Security and Medicare wage
bases for 2017. This information applies to all. Wisconsin Retirement …

Medicare Part A and B

State's benefits program MUST enroll in Medicare Parts A. & B if eligible due to
disability, regardless of their age, in order to receive the maximum coverage
available. If Social. Security denies Medicare coverage, you must provide a copy
of the Social Security's denial to the Employee. Benefits Division. If your Medicare

Medicare & the Health Insurance Marketplace

you can choose Marketplace coverage instead of Medicare: • You can choose
Marketplace coverage if you're eligible for Medicare but haven't enrolled in it (
because you would have to pay a premium, or because you're not collecting
Social Security benefits). • If you're paying a premium for Part A, you can drop
your Part A …

Oregon Guide to Medicare Insurance Plans –

Be sure to get your Medicare information from a reliable source (rather than
family or friends) and document the contact to protect yourself with date, time,
number you called from (calls are recorded), representative with whom you
spoke, and what was said. • Social Security, 800-772-1213 for Medicare Parts A
& B questions.

module 2: medicare overview – New York State Office for the Aging

May 25, 2017 MEDICARE OVERVIEW. 2-2. 2017 HIICAP NOTEBOOK. Railroad Retirement
benefits; or were a federal employee after December 31,. 1982 or a state or local
employee after March 31, 1986. o People who do not qualify to collect Social
Security or Railroad Retirement benefits may have to pay Medicare …

social security reform: the nature of the problem – Treasury Department

Social Security faces a shortfall over the indefinite future of $13.6 trillion in
present-value terms, an amount equal to 3.5 percent of future taxable payrolls.
Looking at the gap over a shorter horizon provides only limited information on the
financial status of the program. Social Security can be made permanently solvent
only by …

Government Benefits and Participation in Service Programs (PDF)

Government Benefits and Participation in. Service Programs. Key Words and
Terms. Medicaid. Medicare. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).
Supplemental Security Income (SSI). What government benefits do people with
disabilities often receive? Many persons with disabilities receive government
benefits, some.

Medicare Premiums: Rules For Higher-Income Beneficiaries

4. How does Social Security determine if I must pay higher premiums? . . . . . . . . . .
. . . 5. Which tax return does Social Security use? . . . . 6. What if my income has
gone down? . . . . . . . . . . 7. Monthly Medicare premiums for 2014 . . . . . . . . 8. What
if I disagree? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10. How can I get more information?