Smart Media Card Reader

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Smart Media Card Reader

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Smart Card Readers and FIPS 201 Logical and Physical Access

Jul 12, 2005 All Company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks
of their respective owners. Smart Card Readers and FIPS 201. Logical and
Physical Access. Robert J. Merkert, Sr.

Smart card technology – NIST Page

Key words: Access control; authentication,- biometrics; computer security;
cryptography;. Data Encryption Standard (DES); electrically erasable
programmable read only memory. (EEPROM); erasable programmable read only
memory (EPROM); integrated circuit card; microcomputer; reader/writer device;
smart card; token.

Contactless Card Capabilities – NIST Computer Security Resource …

based cards not Memory/Logic cards. •µP cards are still evolving with technology
advancements. This type of card exhibits: slow operation, large die size,
changing operating system horizon, and costly to purchase. •Readers (PCD)
need to read/write and comply to three levels of supported Smart Card

(PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors – NIST Page

Aug 2, 2013 architecture for storing and retrieving identity credentials from a smart card are
specified in Special. Publication … The requirements for card readers are
specified in Special Publication. 800-96, PIV …. communications, storage media,
managerial processes, and services used within the identity verification.

Advancing Smart Card and NFC Technologies at the … – NYSERDA

Apr 1, 2017 Program aiming to create a transportation system that utilizes existing smart card
and near field communications (NFC) technology … technology that could be
utilized to create one ID card and associated account management system that
allowed a cardholder to gain access to … Multi-Technology Reader.

VA ActivClient Installation Guide – Ohio Department of Veterans …

May 5, 2014 card reader to allow access to VA devices requiring PIV card authentication. This
installation should not be … Navigate to Media and select the Remote Access
Solution. 4. Click either the ActivClient … Plug in the USB smart card reader and
insert the PIV card into the reader. NOTE: After inserting the card, …

smart card 101 Free

Mar 28, 2011 Data stored in chip's memory. Advantages. ▫ Decreased dwell time at farebox. ▫
Speedy, convenient, easy to use. ▫ Card may remain in wallet during high speed
communication. ▫ Vandalism proof with robust cards & reader. ▫ Reduced
maintenance costs & extended life-time of the system …

Best Practices for Seizing Electronic Evidence – FLETC

Sep 25, 2001 N Search and seizure of hardware, software, documentation, user notes and
storage media ….. Both cards interface with a reader device capable of
interpreting information stored on the magnetic stripe or computer chip
embedded in the plastic card. … Smart Cards: There are two basic types of smart

The Role of Smart Cards as a Privacy-Enabling Technology

Privacy-Enabling Technology. A Smart Card Alliance White Paper. Publication
Date: February 2003. Publication Number: ID-03001. Smart Card Alliance … 21.
Alternative Smart Card-Based ID System Architectures ______ 21. Smart Card
Readers …… Consider all media on which information is stored and transmitted,

J~ldl – Veterans Affairs

Verification (PIV) Cards, Non-PIV Cards, and Flash Badges for access by VA
employees, contractors, and ….. sleeve provided by the PCI Facility when not in a
card reader for logical access or when being presented to a card …… crush the
smart card's internal memory chip using metals snips, a pair of scissors, or a strip
cut …

Seamless Fare Integration Study Report for … – State of Michigan

Dec 1, 2015 particularly if linked with consumer-friendly fare policy refinements. Fare Media
and Equipment. All surveyed systems employed automated fare collection
technology based on contactless smart cards. Most systems were closed-loop,
card-based systems, but at least three agencies (in DC, Philadelphia and …

Evidence review of smartcard schemes in local authorities –

We would like to thank the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for
supporting this piece of research. Claire Frew has been responsible for liaison
between DWP and RS Consulting, providing valuable support and guidance
throughout this study and ultimately ensuring a successful project. We are also
grateful to …


federal issuers of identity cards in achieving interoperability with Federal
government PIV systems. This document provides that ….. as card readers are
capable of working with the card, but the card itself has not … NFI PIV Compatible
Cards and NFI PIV Interoperable Cards will use a smart card platform that is
technically …

Wireless Payment Terminal – CT Payment

SPECIFICATIONS. S90Mobile. Payment Terminal. Your Payment Partner of
Choice. Processor. 32-bit ARM11. Memory. 192MB (128MB Flash, 64MB DDR).
Display … Smart Card Reader. EMV L1 & L2 certified. Contactless card Reader (
optional). MasterCard PayPass & Visa payWave. American Express ExpressPay.

Basics of Risk Analysis and Risk Management –

the required risk analysis and risk management implementation specifications
and assumes the reader has …. Examples of Electronic. Media with EPHI: Hard
drives, Floppy Disks, CDs,. DVDs, Smart Cards, Personal. Digital Assistants (PDA
),. Transmission Media, or. Portable Electronic Storage. Media. When the
following …

NUREG-1964 – NRC Contactless Smart Cards. Some access control systems use smart cards
that, in addition to having processing or memory capabilities, have a
radiofrequency (RF) communications capability which allows a card reader to
interact with the smart card at a distance. These cards are referred to as “
contactless” smart.

Voting Over the DISN-CAC Analysis Feasibility Evaluation –

Dec 28, 2015 This report documents a review and evaluation of the feasibility of applying the
Defense. Information System Networks (DISN), specifically the Non-Classified
Internet Protocol. Router Network (NIPRNet), as a conduit to support Uniformed
and Overseas Citizens. Absentee Voting (UOCAVA) voters in the …

A Workshop Curriculum for Youth Ages 11 to 13 … – NICHD – NIH

This second edition of MediaSmart Youth reflects the growth in the uses and
types of digital ….. Introduction and Overview Reader's Roadmap …… note card:
Young people ages 11 to 14 spend an average of 8 hours and 40 minutes a day
using media. This is more time than they spend doing anything else except