Single Premium Immediate Annuity Disclosure

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Single Premium Immediate Annuity Disclosure

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annuities. The purpose of the required disclosures is to provide consumers with
educational and identifying information regarding annuities that will enable …
The sections apply to all group and individual annuity contracts and certificates
…. and deferred annuities that contain no non-guaranteed elements” ratherthan
the …

3.9701-3.9712 – Texas Department of Insurance

SUBCHAPTER PP. Annuity Disclosures. 28 TAC §§3.9701 – 3.9712. 1.
INTRODUCTION. The Texas Department of Insurance (Department) proposes
new … Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Annuity Disclosure
Model Regulation. …. which an applicant is applying, such as "single premium
deferred annuity.

Chapter 482-1-129 Annuity Disclosure – Alabama Department of …

A short title descriptive of the annuity contract being applied for or illustrated such
as "single premium deferred annuity." (7) GUARANTEED ELEMENTS. The
premiums, credited interest rates. (including any bonus), benefits, values, non-
interest based credits, charges or elements of formulas used to determine any of
these, …

Annuity Disclosure – Arkansas Insurance Department –

Section 5. “Generic name” means a short title descriptive of the annuity contract
being applied for or illustrated such as “single premium deferred annuity.” “
Guaranteed elements” means the premiums, credited interest rates (including
any bonus), benefits, values, non-interest based credits, charges or elements of

Bulletin – State of New Jersey

Mar 9, 2009 requirements for all current and future issues of individual fixed deferred and
immediate annuity contracts … guide and the standard form of an annuity contract
disclosure statement to be used by an insurance …. annuity is singlepremium,
which means you buy it with one premium (payment) or flexible.

NAIC Buyer's Guide to Deferred Annuities – State of New Jersey

This Buyer's Guide is about fixed deferred annuities in general and some of their
most common features. …. R5 Whether you pay for the annuity with one or more
than one payment (called a premium). R5 The types and … It's stated in your
contract and disclosure and can't change as long as you own the annuity. Ask

subchapter 19. annuity disclosure regulation –

Sep 15, 2015 funds and to make one or more payments at future dates in amounts that are not
based on mortality or morbidity contingencies. "Generic name" means a short title
descriptive of the annuity contract being applied for or illustrated such as “single
premium deferred annuity.” "Guaranteed elements" means the …

Consumer Guide to Annuities for Seniors – Arizona Department of …

v. 20150507. Consumer Guide to Annuities for Seniors. Page 2 of 3. Single
Premium Annuity – An annuity in which you pay the insurance company only one
premium payment. Multiple Premium Annuity – An annuity in which you make
multiple premium payments to the insurance company. Immediate Annuity – An
annuity in …

Buyer's Guide to: Fixed Deferred Annuities – National Association of …

But look at the specific terms of an individual contract you're considering and the
disclosure document you receive. If your annuity is being used to fund or provide
benefits under a pension plan, the benefits you get will depend on the terms of
the plan. Contact your pension plan administrator for information. Single
Premium …

California Department of Insurance 2004 Annuity Training Outline

Define immediate annuity. 2. Define deferred annuity. 3. Distinguish between the
characteristics of the two types. B. Annuity type according to how and when
premiums are paid. 1. Define single premium annuities. 2. Define flexible
premium annuities. 3. Distinguish between the characteristics of the two types. C.
Annuity …

Annuities – Mississippi Division of Medicaid

individual may buy an annuity by making payments over a period of time or
purchase an immediate annuity by paying a lump sum to a bank or insurance
company in return for regular payments of income in …. applicants are required to
disclose any interest the applicant or community spouse may have in an annuity
or …

Ensuring Income throughout Retirement Requires Difficult … – GAO

Jun 7, 2011 in their monthly inflation-adjusted Social Security benefit levels available at full
retirement age of 66. Most retirees who left jobs with a DB pension received or
deferred lifetime benefits, but only 6 percent of those with a DC plan chose or
purchased an annuity at retirement. Those in the middle income.

Chapter Ins 26 – Wisconsin Legislative Documents

Single, level, and flexible premium b. Immediate and deferred c. Fixed and
variable. 7. Retirement plans − qualified a. Individual Retirement Account (IRA) b.
403(b) Plan − Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) c. Simplified Employee Pension (SEP
) d. Self−employed Keogh (HR−10) Plans e. 401 (k) Plans f. Defined contribution

20 CSR 400-5.100 – Missouri Secretary of State

Apr 30, 2017 assure a full and truthful disclosure to the public of material and relevant
information in the advertising of life insurance policies and annuity contracts. ….
being marketed are guaranteed issue. (I) Premiums. 1. An advertisement for a
policy with non-level premiums shall prominently describe the premium …

Individual Annuity filing helpful hints – Division of Financial Regulation

individual annuity filings. Review this list, and all of our Individual Annuity product
standards (including those for base contracts, riders, applications, and, if
applicable, equity indexed, fixed deferred paid … Any contract/policy that allows
multiple purchase (premium) payments, but only during the first contract year, are
to be …

Filings – – SC Department of Insurance –

prietorship or by an employee organization, or by both, other than a plan
providing individual retirement accounts or individual retirement annuities under
Section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code, premium deposit fund, variable
annuity, investment annuity, immediate annuity, any deferred annuity contract
after annuity …

211 cmr: division of insurance –

55.110: Required Disclosure at the Time of Application for Acceleration of Life
Insurance. Benefits or Early … Accelerated Benefit Product: a provision in, or rider
to, any policy of individual or group life insurance …. premiums and any accrued
interest may be considered a lien against the death benefit or annuity proceeds
of …

Life Insurance Cost Disclosure – Federal Trade Commission

as a whole or on individual policies. ,This report will examine the rates of …. of life
insurance companies are health insurance, annuities, group life … Whole life
insurance policies remain in force as long as the premiums are paid. They differ
from term policies in three important ways. First, the premiums for a whole life