Single Premium Immediate Annuity Definition

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Single Premium Immediate Annuity Definition

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Buyer's Guide to: Fixed Deferred Annuities – National Association of …

This Buyer's Guide will focus on individual fixed deferred annuities. … premium.
You usually pay for an immediate annuity with one payment. The income
payments from a deferred annuity often start many years later. Deferred …
charges) earns interest at rates set by the insurance company or in a way spelled
out in the.

Understanding Annuities – Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of …

Single premium contracts require you to fully fund the annuity contract in one
single … a single premium, provide income payments starting no later than one
year after you pay the premium. The reason for buying an immediate annuity is to
obtain … Over the period of time defined in your annuity contract, only a portion of

200818018 –

May 2, 2008 applicable state law. Taxpayer is a life insurance company as defined by § 816(a
) hence is taxed under § 801. Taxpayer proposes to issue certain non-qualified
life annuity contracts in consideration for a single premium. The contracts will be
issued as either an immediate variable annuity (Contract A) or a …

201519001 –

May 8, 2015 FACTS. The Taxpayer is a life insurance company within the meaning of § 816(a)
of the Code, joins in filing a … The Contract is an individual flexible premium
deferred annuity contract. The Contract … The Contract will allow flexible
premiums (“Contributions”), subject to specified minimum and maximum …

Annuities in the Context of Defined Contribution Plans

(“DB”) pension plans to offer 401(k) or other defined contribution (“DC”) plans …
Individual retirees are not necessarily well-equipped to manage investment and
immediate annuity begins the periodic payments immediately after the initial
premium. In contrast, a deferred annuity delays payment until some future point in

Regulation No. 151 (11 NYCRR 99): Valuation of Annuity, Single

INSURANCE, GUARANTEED … (g) "Appointed actuary" means the individual
defined in Part 95.4(e) of this Title. (h) "Bail-out rate" ….. annuity (SPDA) and
flexible premium deferred annuity (FPDA) contracts but may be required for …

Annuity Disclosure – Arkansas Insurance Department –

Section 5. “Generic name” means a short title descriptive of the annuity contract
being applied for or illustrated such as “single premium deferred annuity.” “
Guaranteed elements” means the premiums, credited interest rates (including
any bonus), benefits, values, non-interest based credits, charges or elements of

Bulletin – State of New Jersey

Mar 9, 2009 requirements for all current and future issues of individual fixed deferred and
immediate annuity contracts solicited …. Use specific terms (i.e. surrender) from
your contract in the disclosure but include a definition … annuity is single
premium, which means you buy it with one premium (payment) or flexible.

Information for FERS Annuitants – OPM

The FERS basic annuity formula. (1% of your “high-3” …. If you retired voluntarily
on an immediate annuity which is not reduced for age, ….. Medicare Premiums. If
you are not receiving Social Security benefits, you can have your Medicare
premiums withheld from your annuity. We must receive a request from the.
Centers for …

508.36 Standard valuations. This section shall be known as the …

Dec 22, 2017 (e) For other annuities with cash settlement options and guaranteed interest
contracts with cash settlement options, valued on a change-in-fund basis, the
formula for single premium immediate annuities stated in subparagraph division (
b) applies. (2) However, if the calendar year statutory valuation interest …

In re Simpson – United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Feb 23, 2009 cial products, $10,000 for the purchase of a singlepremium annuity known as the
Keyport Index Multipoint Annuity (“the. Keyport Annuity”). Simpson designated
himself as the … For example, an “Individual Retirement Annuity” cannot be
transferable, …. immediate estate for the benefit of others, the annui-.

304.6-145 Minimum standards — Operative dates. (1) The interest …

(2) The calendar year statutory valuation interest rates, I, shall be determined as
follows and the results rounded to the nearer one-quarter of one percent (1/4 of 1
%):. (a) For life insurance,. I = .03 + W (R1 – .03) + W/2 (R2 – .09);. (b) For single
premium immediate annuities and for annuity benefits involving life
contingencies …

Variable Annuity Checklist –

agent, shall offer for sale in this state a covered life insurance, annuity, or health
insurance policy or contract without … F. Definition – Contract on a Variable Basis
. Minn. Stat. §61A.13 Contract on a … Indicate whether the filing is for a flexible
premium policy or a single premium deferred annuity policy and whether it is a …

Annuities: Creating Guaranteed Income for Life –

provide a stream of payments to retirees for life, defined contribution plans
typically offer a lump sum that retirees must then manage on their own. Other
than Social Security and the defined benefit system, the only means to create a
guaranteed income stream in retirement is through an annuity. An annuity is an
insurance …

Part 4 Life Insurance and Annuities

(c) any deferred installment of the annual premium. (5) The insurer shall send
written …. (d) as defined in Subsection (6)(d), which provides supplemental life
insurance or annuity benefits at the option of the …. 1980, except that for any
single premium whole life or endowment insurance policy a rate of interest not
exceeding …

Annuities – Mississippi Division of Medicaid

An annuity is defined as a contract or agreement by which one receives fixed,
non- variable payments on … an immediate annuity by paying a lump sum to a
bank or insurance company in return for regular payments of ….. NOTE: The
purchase of a singlepremium life insurance policy, endowment policy or similar
instrument …

ING PotentialPlus Annuity –

______, 2014, Prospectus for the. [ING PotentialPlus Annuity]. The contract
described in this prospectus is a flexible premium deferred combination variable
and fixed annuity contract. (the “Contract”) issued by ING USA Annuity and Life
Insurance …

Chapter 482-1-129 Annuity Disclosure – Alabama Department of …

A short title descriptive of the annuity contract being applied for or illustrated such
as "single premium deferred annuity." (7) GUARANTEED ELEMENTS. The
premiums, credited interest rates. (including any bonus), benefits, values, non-
interest based credits, charges or elements of formulas used to determine any of
these, …